You Need A Good Listenin’ To

     This week we've got another SONG TO CHEW from my new CAMPING WITH DADS album.  It's designed to help us Dads raise our own consciousness about some of the messages we inherited from our Dads; to help us do a better job of helping our boys understand the need to respect and care for our daughters, ... and ourselves.

     My Dad used to say, "Peter!  You need a good talkin' to!", but I think what I really needed was a good listenin' to!  Instead of giving us a lecture, or spanking us, he could have asked us why we did what we did.  That kind of information can help a parent be better able to help their child.  So I wrote "You Need A Good Listenin' To!"  Thanks for stopping by. See you next week with more SONGS TO CHEW.


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