One Less Mouth To Feed

     Today's SONG TO CHEW was inspired by "The Waltons" television show about a depression era family that always seemed to look at the bright side of things!  That's a great attitude for us these days, to help us get through the challenging stuff going on around us.  It's called "One Less Mouth To Feed" about "reframing adversity", written from the point of view of John Walton, the Dad.  Here's a link to me singing at a Walton's Reunion in 2015: 

     I write a lot of humorous songs, but I never use humor that has victims.  The best humor's when we join and meet each other; where our humanity overlaps with some of our ridiculous behaviors!  When life gets "too hard", if we're gonna survive, sometimes we just have to reframe a few things, like Pa Walton, ... pick ourselves up, and go on.


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