As soon as you're born

Grown-ups check where you pee

And then they decide

Just how you're s’posed to be

Girls pink and quiet, boys noisy and blue

Seems like a dumb way

To choose what you'll do.

It's only a wee-wee, so what's the big deal?

It's only a wee-wee, so what's all the fuss?

It's only a wee-wee, and everyone's got one

There's better things to discuss!!


Now girls must use make-up,

Girls names and girls clothes

And boys must use sneakers,

But not panty hose

The grown-ups will teach you

The rules to their dance,

And if you get confused,

They'll say "Look in your pants!"


Grown-ups watch closely

Each move that we make

Boys must not cry, and girls must make cake

It's all very formal and I think it smells

Let's all be abnormal and act like ourselves!!

©1981, Moose School Music (BMI) - excerpted from “Uniforms”  & “Songs on Sex & Sexuality”


3. MEN ARE GOOD  -  Joe Jencks

Men are good, men are good

Though it seems that we are very often

Quite misunderstood

Men are good, we are not bad

So please let go of any misconceptions that you’ve had


Men are kind, men are kind

We have gentle loving hearts and creative thinking minds

Men are kind, we are not mean

In spite of all the television images you’ve seen


Men need rest, men need rest,

We are brought up to believe we are disposable at best

Men need rest, we work too hard

And a day away from work

Does not mean working in the yard


Men love peace, men love peace,

And we wish that all this crazy macho

Rambo stuff would cease

Men love peace, men hate war

And I’m here to tell you we will not be fighting anymore


Men are great, men are great,

Whether changing stinky diapers

Or employed as heads of state

Men are great, the world around

From Tokyo to Mozambique, in tiny Russian towns

©2001, Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, excerpted from  “I Hear Your Voice”


4. YOU ARE MY SPOON  -  Amy Fix

You are my spoon

In a life of forks and knives, you are a spoon

You are safe as you cradle me

In the curve of your heart

I know you’re not gonna hurt me or poke me

Whenever you turn around

‘Cuz you’re a spoon


You are my spoon

In a world of forks and knives

You are a spoon

Most people can be nice

While holding a dangerous bite

They might be fun or exciting,

But they can be a fright

When it comes to emotions and boundaries

Respect, understanding, and emotional health

They don’t have a clue, but not you

‘Cuz you’re a spoon


You are my spoon

And together we’ll reflect the light of the moon

‘Cuz you’re a spoon,

And I’m a spoon too.

© 2001, Amy Fix, from “Spoon”



You're holding in cause you're a man who never cries

I'm not as tough as you, my friend

But since you ask for my advice,

Let the woman in you come through

She's trying to let you know she's there

She colors everything you do

And the man in you gets scared.


You like to dance, I've seen you dance

When you thought no one was there

I've heard sorrow in your voice

While you laugh like you don't care

Working hard's a way to hide

From the dumb things some folks say

But holding tenderness inside

Is only throwing it away.


So you tell me that I'm crazy

And I know you don't like kids

Especially little sissies, yeah, I know you never did,

But I've seen you with the tough ones

The ones the others all condemn

And you know that they're the frightened ones

And you know cause you're like them.

Let the woman in you come through

Be a different kind of brave

She'll show you love's the difference

Between a free man and a slave. 

© 1975, Moose School Music (BMI) - excerpted from “Songs on Sex & Sexuality” & “Asleep At The Helm”


6. SHOULDER TO THE WHEEL  -  Geof Morgan

When I was a boy, I wanted to be older

But I didn’t know that higher up the air grows colder

My shoulder to the wheel, just like my father

And the wheel keeps a’turning

And the work keeps getting harder


I’m up every morning, racing with the sun

For just my two hands there’s too much to be done

For everything I own, I’ve always had to borrow

I can’t die today Lord, the payment’s due tomorrow.


I’m only thirty-five but I feel I’m pushing ninety

I keep having nightmares, good God almighty

I dream they’ve laid me out, I’m six feet under, free

What’s that I hear, the boss is digging after me!


I’ve a wife at home, Lord I hardly know her

The years have made us strangers

Instead of growing closer

Nine babies crying, too many mouths to feed

I wish sometimes she’d turned away

When I had the need


When they lay me down, I’ll finally get some rest

A pillow for my head and a rose for my chest

Don’t let that preacher say too much on my grave

The ones who are still living

Are the ones who need to be saved

© 1981, Geof Morgan, (BMI), from “Finally Letting It Go”, Flying Fish Records


7. CHROMOSOMA PHOBIA  -  Bob Blue, (performed by Alan Arnaboldi)

Inside everybody's genes there is a set of chromosomes

That will determine all our fates to some degree

It inspires the philosophers and scientists

To argue over what make you be you and me be me

But of all the chromosomes,

The one that makes the biggest noise

Is simply labeled with the English letter "Y"

Well, without it, you're a woman

And you've got an extra "X"

But if you've got it then you're gonna be a guy


Now considering the permutations likely to appear

Within these intricate and complicated genes

It's a wonder that we ponder on our gender as we do

With expectations of deciding what it means

How we labor to attribute such a myriad of issues

To the chromosome determining to our sex

Can it really be so crucial to our psyches and our futures

If instead of "Y" we have a double "X"


And when people love each other

And decide to be together

How absurd it is for someone to imply

That the love is not legitimate

Unless one of the lovers has two "X's"

And the other has a "Y"

As the lovers struggle on to find a way to build a life

That they can share, it seems archaic and obscene

To suggest that they should call it off

'Cause it could never work

Citing as evidence, the make-up of a gene


With so many hefty reasons

For the gaps between our spirits

It seems backwards, contradictory and wrong

To oppose a way of living life

That brings two people closer

When they feel that close is right where they belong

In this universe wherein we grow

From nothings into somethings

On this planet where we try to make a home

Let us pause to recollect

That we are more than what we're made of

And a chromosome is just a chromosome

©Bob Blue, 1992 - from “The Best of Bob Blue”


8. YOU AIN'T BEEN DOIN' NOTHIN'  (Tedd Judd & Sandy Pliskin)

(Music adapted & performed by Peter Alsop)

One day in school a friend of mine

Sat all alone and cried

When I asked him what was wrong

He said his grandmother had died

He apologized for crying and I said that it’s okay

But when I put my arm around him

All the fellows called me gay!


Oh you ain't been doin' nothin'

If they haven't called you gay

If you show a sign of caring,

Then you know it's what they'll say

So you might as well ignore it

Or decide that it's okay

Cause you ain't been doin' nothin'

If they haven't called you gay!


One day I saw my uncles lookin’ at a magazine

There were naked women, whips and chains

And things I've never seen

They said “Wha’chu think of this one boy?"

I said “I think it’s sick!”

They said “Boy, you must be gay,

If you don’t wanna poke a chick!”


Well you ain't been doin' nothin'

If they haven't called you gay!

If you show a sense of decency,

You know it's what they'll say

So you might as well ignore it

Or decide that it's okay

Cause you ain't been doin' nothin'

If they haven't called you gay!


And then I went to college and I studied modern dance

I went down to the gym with m’tights beneath my pants

As I was working out,

Some jock would whisper loud and clear,

“Bet the dancer loves this locker room for men,

Because he’s queer!”


Well you ain't been doin' nothin'

If you ain’t been call a queer!

If you try out something new,

Well, y’know it's what you'll hear

So you might as well ignore it

Or answer with a cheer,

Cause you ain't been doin' nothin'

If you ain’t been call a queer!


I like to work with kids

And help them grow-up strong and free

But when I became a day-care teacher,

People said to me

“Can’t you make the boys be tough,

And make the girls be cute?

Can't you get a real man's job? 

Wha’sa matter? You a fruit?”


Well you ain't been doin' nothin'

If you ain't been called a fruit!

If you work for sex role freedom,

Then you know they'll start to hoot

Just remember there's a hurting kid

Inside each jeering brute

And you ain't been doin' nothin'

If you ain't been called a fruit!


Well singing isn't macho, as everybody knows

Unless it's country western,

Or you're wearing chain-link clothes

But if it's folk or op'rah or a style they dunno,

You can bet you're “yodel-e-hee”

You’ll be called a "homo"


Well you ain't been doin' nothin'

If you ain't been called a homo!

It’s been said about a lot of folks,

From Brahms to Perry Como!

So you might as well ignore it, 

Or use it for your promo!

Cause you ain't been doin' nothin'

If you ain't been called a homo!


Now I wonder why the things I do

Bring ridicule to me

From rigid, frightened people

In a land that's brave  and free

As for me, to be a "real man"

Means give up fear and hate,

To sing along, with arms around

Our brothers gay and straight!


That you ain't been doin' nothin'

iIf they haven't called you gay,

If you work for gender justice,

Then you know it's what they'll say

So you might as well ignore it,

Or decide that it's okay

Cause you ain't been doin' nothin'

If they haven't called you,


Diff'rent, pansy, friendly faggot,

Fairy, weird and wimp!

Sissy, strange and sick,

And when they say your wrist is limp,

Just give’em a big smile, and let 'em hear you say

That you ain't been doin' nothin'

If they haven't called you gay!

© 1985, Tedd Judd, inspired by “You Ain’t Been Doin’ Nothin’ If You Ain’t Been Called A Red” by Elliot Keenan


 9. BURNING TIMES  -  Charlie Murphy

 In the cool of the evening they used to gather

Neath the stars in the meadow

Circled near an old oak tree

At the times appointed by the seasons

Of the earth and the phases of the moon


In the center stood a woman

Equal with the others and respected for her worth

One of the many we call the witches

The healers and the teachers

Of the wisdom of the earth


And the people grew through

The knowledge she gave them

Herbs to heal their bodies

Spells to make their spirits whole


Can’t you hear them chanting healing incantations

Calling forth the wise ones

Celebrating in dance and song


Isis, Astarte, Diana,

Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inana


There were those who came to power

Through domination

And they bonded in the worship

Of a dead man on a cross


They sought control of the common people

By demanding allegiance to the Church of Rome

And the Pope declared an Inquisition

It was war against the women


Whose power they feared

In this Holocaust against the nature people

Nine million European women died


And the tale is told of those, who by the hundreds

Holding together, chose their death in the sea

While chanting the praises of the Mother Goddess

A refusal of betrayal, women were dying to be free.


Isis, Astarte, Diana,

Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inana


Now the Earth is a witch, and the men still burn her

Stripping her down with mining

And the poisons of their war

Still to us, the Earth is a healer, a teacher, a mother

A weaver of a web of life that keeps us all alive

She gives us the vision to see through the chaos

She gives us the courage , it is our will to survive.

Chant by Deena Metzger, cello by Jami Seiber, © 1981 & 1992 Out Front Music (BMI),

excerpted from “Burning Times – Rumors of the Big Wave”


10. I AIN’T AFRAID  -  Holly Near

I ain’t afraid of your Yahweh

I ain’t afraid of your Allah

I ain’t afraid of your Jesus

I’m afraid of what you do in the name of your God

I ain’t afraid of your churches

I ain’t afraid of your temples

I ain’t afraid of your praying

I’m afraid of what you do in the name of your God


Rise up to your higher power

Free up from fear, it will devour you

Watch out for the ego of the hour

The ones who say they know it

Are the ones who will impose it on you

Rise up, and find a higher story

Free up from the gods of war and glory

Watch out for the threats of purgatory

The spirit of the wind won’t make

A killing off of sin and satan


I ain’t afraid of your Bible

I ain’t afraid of your Torah

I ain’t afraid of your Koran

Don’t let the letter of your law,

Obscure the spirit of your love, It’s killing us!

©2000 Hereford Music (ASCAP) excerpted from “Edge” CD, Calico Tracks Music



As you and I were walking down the street

I heard you talk your line

You said “Look at the rich chick, look at the fat chick

Hey don’t that hippy chick look fine”

What is it in your back ground

That makes you think that it’s okay

To talk about a woman that you’ve seen

In such a ruthless way

She’s somebody’s mother, she’s somebody’s daughter

She’s somebody’s lover, She’s somebody’s sister

And I’m saying mister, what kind of brother are you?

I know I haven’t mentioned this before

I guess I was afraid to tell you how deeply

Offended I was at the comments that you made

I know that you think everything’s a joke

Even after all these years

But if you take the time to look behind that pretty smile, Then you would see the tears

No I don’t think I’m perfect

And I’m not throwing stones your way

But I can’t ignore what you say anymore

So my silence stops today

I know that you’re a good man

So think about what you say and do

‘Cause that could be your mother, sister or lover

Being hurt by a good man like you

She is your mother, she is your daughter

She is your lover, she is your sister

So tell me, hey mister, what kind of brother are you?

©1999 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, excerpted from “What Kind Of Brother”



We all live in a big old house

8 adults, 6 kids and one pet mouse

2 dogs, 3 cats and a parakeet

We got a great big garden and we never eat meat

My room’s upstairs and down the hall

It’s the one with the crayons all over the wall

3 other kids share the room with me

We’re just one big crazy family


And I’ve got 5 moms and 3 dads

It may sound strange, but it ain’t so bad

When you get tired of one, you can go find another

It’s a whole lot better than one dad and mother.


It’s not as confusing as it might be

At least I know which mom and dad had me

But some of the adults wonder if it’s okay

To go on raising their kids this way

I keep saying everything’s just fine

‘Cause mostly we have a pretty good time

It’s hard to explain just what you missed

If you’ve never had a home like this

Where I’ve got (Chorus)


I suppose some day when I’m all grown up

They’ll take a survey to see if I’m screwed up

Asking all of us hippie kids

What we think of what our parents did

I’ll have to ask which parents they mean

I’ve got a whole lot more than most kids I’ve seen

And if we haven’t solved all the problems yet

At least we’ve come up with a whole new set!

‘Cause I’ve got (Chorus)


So come on by and visit us

We’re the house with the black VW bus

There’s a swing out front and a beat up car

And a beer sign from some western bar

Sunday is our potluck night

Whatever you can bring, it’ll be alright

There’ll be games and songs and food and jokes

I’ll introduce you to all my folks,

I’ve got (Chorus)

©1982, Wednesday Hill Publishing (BMI) - from “You Gave Me This Song”


13. WOMB ENVY - Ron Romanovsky, (performed byRomanovsky & Phillips)

When I was a youngster

Playing house was all the rage

And I always played the mommy,

And they all thought it was “just a stage”

But as I grew older, still I wished to be a lady

Not so I could have a man, but so I could have a baby!

Womb envy, I know it’s kinda strange

Womb envy, but please let me explain

Womb envy, I know it’s kinda crazy

I got womb envy, I wanna have a baby.


Now I like my equipment

I wouldn’t trade it for the world

But I might trade it for nine months

If I could only be a girl

I don’t wanna wear a dress or be somebody’s wife

I just wanna have a chance to feel the miracle of life


I’d do it naturally, no Playtex formulas for me

I’d study LaMaze and read Dr Spock,

If I could just be blessed with pregnancy

Well maybe someday science will make it a reality

If it’s been done in test tubes,

Then why not inside of me?

I’m every bit as loving and gentle as can be

Lord give me a chance to prove my maternity!

©1984, Bodacious Music (ASCAP) - excerpted from “I Thought You’d Be Taller”


14. THE HUG  -  Fred Small

I want a hug when we say "Hello"

I want a hug when it's time to go

I want a hug, 'cause I want you to know

That I'm awfully fond of you!

I want a hug, now if you please

I want a hug, I want to feel you squeeze

I want a hug, well it certainly seems

Like the natural thing to do

Dan Murrow is a mighty friendly man

Big and round like a bear

And he hugs his friends and his friends hug him

Anytime, anywhere

His patients would come for therapy

To drive their blues away

And sooner or later they feel a lot better

Cause this is what he'd say (Chorus)

But when the head of the hospital

Heard about it, he got all annoyed

Because hugging is "sexual sublimation"

According to Dr. Freud!

You can beat 'em down, you can hide 'em away,

You can keep 'em quiet with drugs

You can strap 'em and zap 'em with electroshock

But you better not give 'em a hug!

So the boss said "Dan, clear out your desk!

Your conduct is lax and lewd,

Any deviation from standard medical

Practice can get us sued!"

Now Dan don't feel so bad for himself

In fact, he's kind of proud

But he's sorry for the folks who are locked away

Where hugging ain't allowed!

©Copyright 1981, Pine Barrens Music (BMI), from “Love’s Gonna Carry Us”, Aquifer Records



15. GOTTA LOTTA LIVIN' TO DO  -  Peter Alsop & Willow Geer-Alsop

I've got a friend with AIDS,

He's just like me and you

I've got a friend with AIDS,

We gotta lotta livin' to do

Somedays we get sad, so here is what we do,

We play together as much as we can

And I love him a lot 'cause he's my friend, yeah,

Me and my friend with AIDS,

Gotta lotta livin' to do!


What is AIDS?               It's a virus bug

What can you do?           Well, I give'm a hug

You hug your friend?       Sure, and he hugs me

But aren't you scared?    Well, I used to be

I'd be scared!                You'd learn alot

What would I learn?        What's safe, what's not

Could I get AIDS?          That's hard to do

But some kids have it      Yes, that's true

Where's the AIDS?        It's in his blood

What if he bleeds?         We patch him up

Cause AIDS won't let his blood cells fight

So I shouldn't touch his blood?

You've got that right!!


I've got a friend with AIDS,

And someday he might die

But someday, so will you, and someday so will I

Somedays we get sad, so here is what we do,

(Instrumental break)

Me'n my friend with AIDS,

We gotta lotta livin' to do!


What if he cries?           We wipe his eyes

You touch his tears?        There's no need for fears

What about his ears?      With a cotton swab

You clean his ears?!         No! That's his job!

What about his spit?       He swallows it!

What about his hair?       No virus there!

His breath is fine?          Smells just like mine!

Does he feel ashamed?    No, he's not to blame!


I've got a friend with AIDS,

And someday he might die

But someday, so will you, and someday so will I

I'll tell you what I'm thinkin' of,

When we're afraid, we just can't love

And loving's how I want to be,

So I don't let fear take over me!

Here's what we can do,

We can play together as much as we can

And I love him a lot 'cause he's my friend, yeah,

Me and my friend with AIDS,

We gotta lotta livin' to do, gotta lotta livin',

Gotta lotta livin', gotta lotta livin' to do!

 with Ry Cooder on Slide Guitar, ©Copyright 1991, Moose School Music (BMI)

- excerpted from “Pluggin’ Away”


16. GIVE YOURSELF A HAND  -  Peter Alsop

Give yourself a hand, give yourself a hand

You say it's not your fault

So it's got to be your glands!

Give yourself a hand, give yourself a hand

Give us all a break and give yourself a hand!


You know, you act like you've been deserted

On an island, all alone for years

With no one there to scratch your back,

Or rub behind your ears

So you act like you're in heat,

Drowning in testosterone

And every conversation takes on sexual overtones

And your fingers indiscreetly

With no conscience of their own

Go creeping here and there,

Acting quite unchaperoned

Your starving, leering, lechy eyes

Pursue her ev'ry move,

Drooling, searching for her thighs

Or the bounce of her ba-zoom!

It's so tedious, exhausting, unnecessary and, 

Easily cured and remedied,

This plague of modern man!!  Just, 

Cho:  You say you're at the mercy

Of your bodily demands!


So you won the big election,

But it's not your macho crap,

It's your work, not your erection

That put you on the map!

You're the Chairman, Captain, Chief

Your title's on your card,

Success once bought relief,

But now that's not the way things are!

Has your mother ever mentioned

Suffering gross indignities?

From big men with bent intentions,

Do you think that she'd be pleased?

C'mon and join the rest of us,

We're trying hard to change,

The selfish and injurious

Ways that we've been trained!

If you're insecure or scared,

You can ask me for support,

If you're lonely we can talk,

But if you're horny, be a sport, and,  

Cho: You say you're only comfortable

When you're in command!


This common health phenomenon

Some marriages has saved!

They don't do "it" down in Washington,

Which is why they're so depraved!

It's fun and full of rhythm! 

You can play to beat the band!

So do yourself a favor!

It's something you will savor, yes!

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a hand!


Cho: You say you've no control when

Your private parts expand!

Cho: We will all applaud you when you try hard as you can!

So give us all a break and we'll give you a hand!!

© 1985, Moose School Music (BMI), excerpted from “Fan Club Favorites” & “Songs on Sex & Sexuality”


17. KILL THE CHILDREN  -  Peter Alsop

What’s the point of feeding them

They smile and pretend

They’d stab us in the back you know,

They resent us in the end

You see it in their eyes

You know the hate won’t end

They eat our food then teach their children

America’s no friend.


Kill the children! It’s the only way

Kill the children! Don’t let them live another day

Kill the children! And let the mothers scream

Kill the children! Make the world safe for our dream


You’ll be sorry if we don’t

They’ll grow up and find a way

To strike our hearts with terror

And our kids will have to pay

We can’t let the evil grow

And war is hell, it’s true

But it’s them or us you know,

We know what we have to do


Kill the children! Don’t put it on TV

Kill the children! If you’re scared, then you’ll agree!

Kill the children! And kill the mothers too!

Our dream is just to make this whole world

Safe for me and you.

©2003 Moose School Music (BMI)


18. FOOLISH NOTION  -  Holly Near

Why do we kill people who are killing people

To show that killing people is wrong?

What a foolish notion

That war is called devotion

When the bravest warriors

Are the ones that stand for peace


War toys are growing stronger

The problems stay the same

The young ones join the army

While General What’s-his-name

Is feeling full of pride

That the army will provide

But does he ask himself  (Chorus)


Death row is growing longer

The problems stay the same

The poor ones get thrown in prison

While Warden What’s-his-name

Is feeling justified

But when will he be tried

For never asking (Chorus)


Children are so tender, they will cross the earth

If they think they are saving a friend

They get drawn in by patriotic lies

Right before our eyes they leave our home

And then they find that once they’re alone

They’re asking the age old question, - Why?

©1980, Hereford Music (ASCAP), from “and still we sing”, Calico Tracks Music


19. THE MATADOR  -  Geof Morgan, (performed by Charlie Murphy)

The Matador enters the ring

The hot desert sun comes pouring down

Approaching the life he will take

He picks up his cape, he stands tall and proud

His passes are daring, the time it is nearing

His eyes hold the breath of the crowd

The thrust, the legs crumble, he throws up his hands

The shouts and the roses come down,

Hail the Matador, He’s our champion

He alone stands in the light

Hail the Matador, Hail the champion

He’s our hero tonight.

The front line is quiet, in a trench all alone

He waits and he watches the sky

The snap of a twig and he’s back in the war

Where he sweats and prays that he won’t die

He fixes his bayonet and watches the shadow

That’s soon to feel his cold reply

He jumps and it’s over, and one won’t grow older

In silence he stares at the sky

The baby is crying, the dinner is burning

He yells he wants another beer

She opens the oven but she can save nothing

She cries, “Just wait a minute dear”

But that’s not the answer tonight he can take from her

I’m the boss, is that clear?

He pushes, she falls, too hard against the wall

But the crowd just stands up and cheers

from “Walls To Roses: Songs of Changing Men”, Smithsonian Folkways Records FTS37587

©1979 Geof Morgan.  Used by permission.


20. IT'S MY PENIS  -  Geof Morgan, (performed by Peter Alsop)

What's that hangin' down between my legs?

Looks like a sausage between two hard boiled eggs!

And sculptors usually got it covered with leaves

Now I wonder what it could be?


Oh!  It's my penis!  My penis!

Y'see how much has truly come between us

It's my penis, my penis!

Let's start again, and this time be friends!


Some say you're a symbol of power and hate

And some say you're a weapon to dominate

But you don't look that mean to me

When y'draw in the snow with my pee!


Well we needed this talk, little penis-to-heart

We're on the same body but so far apart

And even though I'm here a-talkin' to you

Y'know we're really one and not two!

©1980, Geof Morgan, excerpted from “Songs on Sex & Sexuality”


21. SINGING FOR OUR LIVES  -  Holly Near

We are a gentle angry people

And we are singing, singing for our lives


We are a land of many colors

And we are singing, singing for our lives


We are a peaceful, loving people

And we are singing, singing for our lives

© 1979Hereford Music, (ASCAP), excerpted from “and still we sing” Calico Tracks Music


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www.powerofhope.com - Charlie Murphy




With songs and Artists from the Feminist Men’s and Women’s Movement

Produced by Peter Alsop through the generosity

of the Mal Jones, Carol Koury & inspired by Up The River Endeavors 


Engineered byGreg Hilfman

Thanks to Ellen Geer & Moshe Rozdzial

P, © 2004, Moose School Productions

Box 960, Topanga, CA 90290







Narrator - Peter Alsop

Ebenezer Scrooge - Terry Evans

Not-so Tiny Tim - Armando Gutierrez

Naomi -  Megan Geer-Alsop

Radio Announcer - Greg Hilfman,

Jacob Marley - Alan Blumenfeld

Bob - Ian Flanders,

Carroll - Gerald Rivers

Singers on Kill the Children

 Dylan Vigus - J. Darby Warren - Dr. Doug Roy - Kevin Casper - Greg Hilfman - Stephen Powers

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